Luxury Car Brands Reach Larger Market

Lexus, Audi, Lincoln and Infiniti are all high-class brands that we one-day wish to dive. However, these cars are usually only reachable when you are an Executive and give you yet another reason to get there one day. Unfortunately, once you start climbing the corporate ladder and also getting married and having kids, who have sports, clubs and extracurricular, as well as school, vacations and everyday allowances, those days of driving a luxury car can start to seem further and further away.

Therefore, premium car brands have decided to enter a new demographic and target younger affluent business people before and as they grow their family with premium entry level cars. This is the chance for you to have a high car brand like a BMW with their brand on the hood, while paying the cost of a nice Honda.

“The reason you want market expansion is to bring in a new buyer to the brand, a younger buyer,” says Robert Karwel of J.D. Power and Associates. “You capture them at that point when they’re much earlier in their lifetime buying cycle and hopefully you’ll have a repeat customer who will buy a more expensive vehicle as their demographic changes. They increase in income and come back for feature automotive purchases.”

Porsche also offers entry vehicles, though, at more than $50,000, the Macan S and Boxster are hardly mainstream affordable. But they get people into the brand; consumers can have a car with the same badge as the 911.

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